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Professional Stretching

How important is stretching?
It doesn't matter how safe we are while we are performing our daily tasks and exercise. Injury potential is still there is the muscles are not in their best condition. Stretching is one of the various ways that we can improve our muscle quality. They are an important part of any exercise or rehabilitation program, and it benefits people of all ages, as it is intended for the young as well as the elderly population. Its benefits are many and have been proven through time.

Our therapists will take their time to analyze what your needs are and they will tailor the stretches to your particular needs. Here, unlike a stretching class, in which you will be taught how to stretch by yourself, our therapists will stretch you, so you can stay loose, relaxed and stress-free while they gently tug on your joints. After your session, you may ask your therapist for any recommendations, and they can suggest some stretches that are specific for your goals that you can practice at home.


  • Increased Flexibility and Joint Range of Motion
  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Circulation
  • Better Posture
  • Stress Relief
  • Enhanced Coordination